Our design patented and portable fire pits can be installed just about anywhere. A suspended floor creates a natural draft, keeping the underside of the pit cool and safe to burn on any outdoor surface. Designed for use with propane or natural gas; eliminating ash, smoke, odor or mess. FireScapes' fire pits have one of the largest burn areas on the market allowing for a larger flame which means more light and more heat.

FireScapes is striving to become the leader in fire pit innovation and offers not only our handcrafted, beautifully finished models but also the unfinished builder frame which allows you to give your fire pit exterior your own custom look.                   

Innovation meets design to bring you function and beauty...


Tim McDonald founded FireScapes in the spring of 2002. A master nurseryman, Tim is also founder and president of T.W. Landscape and Maintenance, Inc., which has been serving the southern United States for more than 35 years- a business he built on his professional approach and meticulous attention to detail.

In the fall of 1999, Tim was commissioned to design and build a natural-gas fueled outdoor fire pit for a client’s backyard. Another client requested an outdoor fire pit that was both portable and capable of burning liquid propane. He elevated the fire pit to provide proper ventilation, and realizing the design’s appeal, applied for a patent in May 2000. Tim was awarded his patent from the U.S. Patent Office in March of 2002 and formed FireScapes, soon after.

Tim’s vision was to design an innovative product made of the highest quality materials that would add luxury and warmth to anyone’s outdoor space. In December 2004, FireScapes launched its first product line of decorative portable outdoor fire pits.  


A FireScapes fire pit is a great addition to the outdoor living lifestyle, providing not only a focal point for conversation and relaxation, but also the ambiance and comfort a burning fire creates.